The European Journal of Comparative Economics

ISSN: 1824-2979

EJCE Year: 2018, June. Volume: 15 - Issue: 1

Does election of an additional female councilor increase women's candidacy in the future?

by Jekaterina Kuliomina

Start page: 37 - End page: 81

Keywords: Political participation, women and politics, regression discontinuity, gender, female representation, Czech Republic

Jel code: J16; H11

DOI: 10.25428/1824-2979/201801-37-81


I study the changes in female political participation that occur when an additional female candidate is elected to the local council. To address the endogeneity related to non-random election outcomes I employ a Regression Discontinuity Design. I focus on close competition for the last seat in the Czech municipal (local) elections between a male and a female candidate. I find that the election of an additional female candidate leads to fewer newly participating female candidates in the following elections. The effect is stronger in the municipalities where at least two other women were elected to the council.

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