The European Journal of Comparative Economics

ISSN: 1824-2979

EJCE Year: 2006, December. Volume: 3 - Issue: 2

Government-Business Relations and Catching Up Reforms in the CIS

by Alexander Libman

Start page: 263 - End page: 288

Keywords: Post-Soviet economies; catching up reforms; institutional trap; government-business relations

Jel code: D72; P26; P30



The paper addresses the problem of similarities and divergence of transition paths at the later stage of transition in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The main aim is to clarify the influence of specifics of government-business relations on economic reforms carried out at the later stage of transition in countries, which have been relatively less successful during the earlier transition. The paper discusses potential channels of influence of institutional organization of government-business relations on economic reforms and compares government-business relation models and paths of transition in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine

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