The European Journal of Comparative Economics

ISSN: 1824-2979

EJCE Year: 2010, June. Volume: 7 - Issue: 1

The trade specialization of SANE: Evidence from manufacturing industries

by Michele Alessandrini ; Michael Enowbi Batuo

Start page: 145 - End page: 178

Keywords: SANE; Trade specialization; Manufacturing; Lafay index

Jel code: F14; N67; O24; O55



This paper studies the evolution of the foreign trade specialization in manufacturing sectors of South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria and Egypt. These four countries, the so-called SANE, have recently been viewed as Africa's best chance of producing an economic bloc whose role for Africa might be comparable to that of the BRIC economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China for the world economy. Using data on trade flows since mid-1970s, the results show that the SANE group has experienced few changes in its trade structure, which is still based on low-technology and slow-growth world demand sectors. The degree of persistence in the specialization model is higher in the case of Algeria and Nigeria, where the dependence on products based on natural resources is stronger.

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