The European Journal of Comparative Economics
ISSN: 1824-2979
Year: 2015, July. Volume: 12 - Issue: 1

Migration, remittances and educational levels of household members left behind: Evidence from rural Morocco

Jamal Bouoiyour ; Amal Miftah

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Start page: 21 - End page: 40

international migration, education, remittances, Morocco.
In this paper, we empirically investigate the relationship between international migration and education attainment levels. We ask whether rural children who live in households that experience migration or/and receiving remittances are more likely to complete school at a given age than children who live in non-migrant households. Higher secondary and higher education levels are examined separately. Our results clearly show that children in remittance-receiving households complete significantly more years of schooling. In particular, remittances increase the probability of a male child completing high school. However, the evidence suggests that the international migration lowers deeply the chances of children completing higher education. Evidence also indicates the utmost importance of households’ socio-economic status in determining to what extent the household mitigates the possible detrimental effects of migration on their children’s educational outcomes.

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